Ends/Wealth Corp.


The Last Collection

The collection was inspired by lead designer Brandon Breaux’s study abroad trip to Japan, which took place just before Ends/Wealth Corp. was founded. The purpose of the trip was to explore the impact of the atomic bomb on Japanese society. The trip ended up being so impactful that a lot of what was learned informed his design and approach to the Ends/Wealth Corp. brand. Because of this, the subject matter of the trip was chosen as the focus for this collection, revisiting the birth of the brand to close it out.

The Last Collection was designed by both Brandon Breaux and Dougan Khim. The collection includes the brand’s first cut and sew pieces which were designed and manufactured in Chicago and also features a collaboration with Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment.


Ends/Wealth Corp. exists as a contemporary fashion lifestyle brand rooted in street culture with an emphasis on design, fashion, music, & art. The brand serves as a source of inspiration for individuals to create careers around their passions in life as a way of acquiring wealth. 

Meaning of Name

The word ‘ends’ is used as a slang word for money; which derives from the phrase ‘to make ends meet’. The Forward Slash ‘/’ in the name represents the transition between making ends meet, and attaining ‘wealth’ through creative liberation. Thus we go by the name Ends/Wealth Corp. to embody this idea.

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Since this is the last site for us we've included some old pics of us, our friends and family along the way.